About Dr. Scarcello

  Dr. Gregory Scarcello, a native of Santa Barbara, CA, holds a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from UCSD and a Dentistry degree from UCLA School of Dentistry. He augmented his knowledge through a general practice residency at the V. A. Hospital in Loma Linda before returning to his beloved Santa Barbara to serve the community.
   Beyond his dental passion, Dr. Scarcello is a fervent sports enthusiast with a penchant for ice hockey, scuba diving, and skiing. In recent years, he and his wife Jane have embarked on grassroots auto racing, competing in Mazda Miata SSC race cars in monthly wheel-to-wheel races.
   Within the dental profession, Dr. Scarcello derives immense personal satisfaction from providing exceptional patient care, benefiting from the unwavering support of his outstanding team in their shared pursuit of excellence.

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