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What our clients say

"I was served promptly and with a smile - the service was very good. I thank you for asking."Susan D, patient


"Staff is amazing!! They call me by my name when I walk in. Friendly & professional every time."Patient


"As always, Mona excelled at her job! I always feel that my teeth are being cared for in the best possible way. In my opinion, Dr. Benedetto is the best dentist in Santa Barbara and I feel very fortunate to be her patient!! Office staff is always awesome. Overall, truly great care!"Diana T, patient


"The office is friendly and efficient. Everyone does a great job with the kids. And Dr. Benedetto is the best!"Patient


"The Facility had a good work environment, and kept very clean. Dr. B, was on time and had a great energy, and would completely recommend her and her staff. Traci and Carol were great. Thanks!"Rachael R, patient


"All of the staff there were very friendly, courteous and informative. After my exam, Dr. Benedetto was very thorough in explaining the work I needed to have done and what it would cost. I went back the next day for a cleaning. The hygienist was very nice and did a great job. I liked the fact that she talked to me while she was working. In fact, I couldn't get a word in. LOL!" Stephen B, patient


"Very professional, personable, state-of-the-art equipment."Linda M, patient


"I had a great first visit! They made me feel comfortable, listened, called my insurance, and gave me options. Dr. Benedetto offered to do a temporary solution before I left for a crown that had fallen out, which regained my confidence when I smile! Thank you to all of you."Frances F, patient


"I love the care and attention I always receive in Dr. B's office. Linda is a great employee. Her attention to detail is alway above average. I feel like I am having a great time with old friends. I enjoy my time spent in the office. I also appreciate that they are always on time. I respect their time and they respect mine. I look forward to seeing all the happy faces next year."Patient


"Outstanding as always. He is brilliant and someone I trust. Love Polly too." Barbara B, patient


"Does anyone ever look forward to going to the dentist? "Oh, boy! I'm going to the dentist today--ay-ay-ay!" I'm not saying I looked forward to yesterday's visit, it was necessary, for repairs, but the confident care and gentle assuredness of every aspect of my time in the chair all made for a positive experience. Now, with more visits necessary to complete my treatment, I'll look forward to the caring attention and excellent abilities of Lynda and her team." Jim F, patient


"Dr. Scarcello has a gentle hand and is virtually pain-free. I would give him five stars just for the fact that his shot giving has been the best experience I've ever had at the dentist. I would highly recommend Gregory Scarcello for all my (and my families) dental needs." Cheri W, patient


"My experience with Gregory Scarcello, DDS was great, he is wonderful with a perfect attitude. Also with a perfect well trained staff. I was comfortable the whole entire appointment. Thank you very much =)" Patient


"What an amazing experience! By far the best dentist around - saved me tons of money and time with their honesty and amazing quality of service!" Cody R, patient


"My dentist care was provided by Carol. She always does a fantastic job at cleaning my teeth. I have full confidence in her abilities." Jean L, patient


"Great experience! Wonderful attention to detail and future planning." Sam L, patient


"I am so glad I found this office! The staff and Dr. are amazing! I have already referred 3 people from my work there and they are so happy!" Ruth R, patient


"I did not realize how bad my smile made me feel until it was fixed. I love to see my smile now! I am so grateful for Dr Scarcello!" Jamie L, patient


"I was totally happy with service. My little guy went to the big dentists for the first time and it worked out great." David O, patient


"Wonderful!!! Linda is always great. Does a great job cleaning." Arlene A, patient


"Rachael is the sweetest and most competent dental hygienist I have ever been a patient for." Mary S, Patient